You agree that by entering the premise of any Prestige Estate Services sanctioned event you agree to the following:
This is also posted in sign format at the front door of every sale.  If you do not see this sign at the door please contact us at immediately. Thank you!
ALL SALES ARE FINAL: All sales of item(s) are considered sold in “AS IS, WHERE IS”, condition. It’s your responsibility to properly inspect your items prior to purchase.  There are no refunds, returns or exchanges allowed.
ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS: We accept cash and all major credit cards with a chip.  You will be required to sign for your purchase if it’s over $200.00 or more. Any large transactions may be required to take place at a local bank such as large transfers for vehicles or higher allowed values.
HOLDING YOUR PLACE IN LINE: All sales are served on a first come first serve basis with human presence required to hold your place in line. No line placeholders such as, but not limited to; bags, boxes or otherwise, will be honored or hold your place in line. This policy has been created to ensure a fair opportunity for all. We are excited to have you shop with us but it’s not fair for those who come and stand in line early the day of the sale and are expected to stand behind others boxes or placeholders who are not present. Any placeholders left onsite will be picked up by PES at the time of our arrival onsite and will be discarded by PES. This prevents homeowners from being worried that random people are coming onto their property in the night to leave their place-holder and we want to discourage this for safety reasons for all involved.
COLD WEATHER CLAUSE: During sales where overnight temperatures are 20F or lower we will allow placeholders to be left so that you may sit in your car to stay warm
HOWEVER, you must be physically present to vouch for your box or placeholder when PES arrives on site. Then you may return to your vehicle to stay warm with your placeholder being honored. Failure to stand by your placeholder upon PES team arrival on the day of the sale will result in your placeholder being picked up and discarded as the PES team enters the premise. PES is not responsible for discarded items left on property. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter. This will provide the fairest and safest way for all, to shop our sales!
INQUIRIES ABOUT PRODUCT IN A SALE: Unfortunately we are unable to accept phone calls about questions on items, as the folks in the office do not know what is at each different sale, whether it’s sold, pricing, sizes etc. We are not able to answer questions about products pricing etc. leading up to the sale start date and time. The best way to get an answer to your question is to come to the sale during sale day hours. You are of course welcome to email by using our form on the sale listing page, but we do not guarantee responses from emails that we receive, as we get hundreds of emails about a particular sale and we are often running 2 to 3 sales per weekend and it’s impossible to answer every 300 to 500 emails we get a week.
WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE AT ANYTIME: Please keep in mind you are in someone’s home.  We treat their home as we are guests and require you to do the same.  Each sale is a unique opportunity, an invitation into someone’s home to view the items they may have cherished, so  please shop and respect the items and the home, as though it was yours, or we will not hesitate to ask you to leave.
GUN BUYERS: We do require gun transfers in the states of: Colorado.  Other various states do not require this at this time. The gun transfer fee is $16. Buyer is required to bring a current ID with their current address listed on the ID. If the address is not current they need to bring either a current vehicle registration or current hunting or fishing license that lists current address information. In the event the buyer does NOT pass the back ground check, the buyer agrees they will be reimbursed 75% of the purchase price, 25% will be deducted from the purchase price for the processing facilitated by PES.
TAX EXEMPT BUYERS: Please be advised as of November 1, 2017 you will be required to show a valid, in-state sales tax certificate as well as provide an email address for receipt. No other documentation will be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.
SALES TAX AND CHARGES: You agree and understand that as a buyer of any items, you hereby acknowledge and agree to pay for any and all sales tax, use tax payable to federal, state or local jurisdictions that Prestige Estate Services is required by law to charge and remit to the proper local, state and or federal jurisdictions as required by such laws that mandate it on behalf of PES clients.  All final hammer or final sales prices will be charged a 5% buyer’s premium to the final purchase price of your purchased item.  Please see our website on buyers premium for more info. or questions pertaining to such, at: You (the buyer) agree that all sales are considered in, AS IS, WHERE IS, condition and that you (the buyer) of said item(s) are fully aware, understand and agree that buyer is solely responsible for inspecting any items prior to final purchase of said items.  Prestige Estate Services is not, and or will not, provide exchanges, refunds, returns on purchased items.  Please note that this is also printed on your receipt and is stated and understood as a condition of entrance.
WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ADJUST PRICING:  It is not unheard of for price tages to fall off or be accidentally removed during the sale process.  We reserve the right to adjust our pricing or to pull items from the sale at any time for any reason.
Thank you!!! Have fun, be courteous, estate sales are a unique experience to shop at and we truly hope you enjoy it and if your lucky, find something awesome!.
If you need help just ask one of our friendly employees in their company shirts!  We are here to help!