Welcome to Prestige Estate Services, we are a national estate sale company that has over 30 years of experience behind it’s executive team. We had humble beginnings in Denver, Colorado and through the success of our customer first model, we’ve been able to expand across the country. We have offices located Florida, Colorado, Virginia, Georgia and two more offices opening next year!

As a company we want to be judged by how we treat our customers, so we are happy to say that nationally about 45% of our new business comes from referrals. In many areas, we are the largest provider of estate sale services!

Regardless of your estate sale needs, we have a vast experience in several aspects of the business. We can help you with estate liquidation, appraisal, estate sales, junk removal and estate sale auctions and home inventorying and valuation reports. Our national expertise is combined with our local knowledge to get the most out of each item in your estate.

Listen to a real phone call from an individual inquiring about our services that goes over 95% of most questions.

Often times individuals underestimate what they can sell from their estate and for how much. We have experience in valuing and selling everything from vehicles to high-end furnishings and unique high valued antiquities as well as the everyday items. Our goal is to maximize the amount of profit that we can get for our clients no matter how small or complex the item.  We work on commission structure so we sell every item we can and for the highest amount we possibly can which in turn means more profit in your pocket and a lot less work!

Our long history has also given us experience in handling several different types of estate sales. When you become part of the Prestige family we will help you through any situation such as downsizing, relocating, or the selling the estate via it’s heirs.

We will help you throughout the process, from the beginning to the end, and make sure that you understand what is going on every step of the way! Our services include appraisals, valuations, advertising, marketing, signage, sales staff, accounting and a check to you within a few short days!  All of which come at no upfront cost.  We don’t make a profit unless you do.

We generate our own sales leads for your items through our one of kind national database of buyers, and we have extensive experience in estate sales so we know what items people are viewing the most before the sale allowing us to better understand demand and in-turn price and ultimately profit.  We have proprietary means and methods that help us to help you make the most of your sale.

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Not sure where to begin? We have answers to help you figure out what type of estate sale or estate service you need…


Many individuals or past clients have had their items appraised to know what their item is worth at fair market value…


People close businesses all the time and for many reasons, retirement, selling a part of their business, closing, bankruptcy…


We offer our estate sale services across the country with multiple branches through USA…


Does the estate need to be inventoried and valued with an assessment so that the family or court can evenly…


Many times for the client it’s the best option due to tight timelines, closing of property sales…


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