Estate Sale Services

Estate sale services are a wonderful way to help you and your family out during the process of down-sizing, passing of a family member or loved one, divorce, retiring or selling it all, to move aboard a boat! We have literally provided estate sale services for just about every situation one can think of through the years. Our estate sale services line doesn’t just provide estate sales.

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Other estate sale services that we provide outside of a normal estate sale process are:.

  • Inventorying Home Content
  • Valuations
  • ISA Certified Written Appraisals
  • Verbal Appraisals
  • Haul-Away & Donation
  • Documentation For Insurance Policy Riders
  • Estate Division Of Assets Assistance
  • IRS Estate Documentation Assistance
  • Access To Attorneys – Estate Legal Assistance & More!

Most of our clients only need one or two of our estate sale services at one time but, some clients do need several of these estate sales services in some form or fashion throughout the estate close out process. Either way, we can help. We have not only been providing our estate sale services for years but we have also been the industry leader for many years, in many arenas.  This may sound archaic but we were the first company to offer online sales and the first to offer credit cards for payment at our sales!  Can you believe that? My, how time has changed, but our estate sale services still are valued at number one and our services is still the same next to none top level customer service!  We continue to push the envelope in technology, organization and transparency. We have been voted the best estate sale company, time and time again and Prestige Estate Services is now the most viewed company every week for several years running by  When you hire and estate sale services provider, it’s “mission critical” to hire the best. You will make more money, sell more items and clear-out the home, while ensuring your estate is being handled professionally, reliably, accurately and with absolutely clarity and transparency in our process. Our estate sale services team has the knowledge and experience to help you and your family process another successful event. Please visit our “Services” link above and read all about our different estate sale services.  Contact us today to discuss your project and setup a free no obligation consultation with one of our professional appraiser or estate sale experts. 


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