Charitable Donation Appraisal

Coloradans are known for their generous spirit. If you’re donating items to charity, do so the smart way with an appraisal report from Prestige Estate Services. Our expert team will evaluate your items to provide a fair value appraisal for IRS tax donations.

A charitable appraisal helps you determine the true value of your property. We appraise all types of household items, including clothing, furniture, electronics, antiques, heirlooms, and collectibles. After conducting our appraisal, we’ll present you with a digitally-bound report that provides details on your items. 

The report is created in accordance with all Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice regulations. A USPAP-approved report is accepted for a wide variety of legal and financial purposes, including by the US government for a variety of charitable donation tax-related requirements.       

Why Do You Need a Charitable Appraisal?

If you donate either an individual item or a group of items worth $5,000 or more, the IRS requires a professional appraisal if you want to claim the donation on your taxes.

After you’ve received a professional, written appraisal for the item (or group of items), you then have 60 days to make the donation. Otherwise, the federal government requires a new appraisal.

Large-Scale Estate Donations

We can also help you evaluate and donate an entire estate. Aside from the obvious donations such as clothing, furniture, and electronics, we can also provide a value assessment for demolition items such as fixtures, appliances, cabinets, and similar items. We work with builders, contractors, and other parties looking to completely clear out the contents of a house by donating as much as possible. 

Why Donation Makes Financial Sense

While the main purpose behind most donations isn’t to make money, having a professional charitable donation appraisal through Prestige often makes the most financial sense. Many clients find that fair-market appraisals allow them to claim higher deductions by donating instead of what they’d receive in a mass liquidation. 

The Prestige Difference

At Prestige Estate Services, we’re the Denver area’s number one choice for appraisal and estate sale management. We provide services throughout the Front Range, from Boulder to Colorado Springs and as far west as Grand Junction. Contact us for a fast, accurate assessment of the real-world market value of your heirlooms, antiques, collectibles, furnishings, clothing, and more. 

If you have items you want to donate or sell, we’ll help ensure you get the maximum tax deduction in the quickest amount of time. To schedule an appraisal or learn more about our services, send us an email or call us at (303) 479-4970. 

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