Art and loads of Collectibles something for Everyone in Lakewood

Address:9455 W Kentucky Ave Lakewood, CO 80226

Dates: February 22nd-23rd 2019

Time: 10am to 4pm

Adeline Taft art, Adelaide Perry-McDermott art, Collectibles, Furniture, Fish tanks, Books, Stamps, LLardo,

Inventory List

Adelaide Perry McDermott (Addy Perry)

Adeline Tefft (A Tefft)

Barbara English 17/100 Radiant Dawn

Marge Battaglia (red & green plant)

JocBerkner 175/450 Early Morning Glory -11th Hole The Meadows Littleton, CO (could also be JacBerkner…hard to read signature)

E. DeVries (Dandelions)

Istsu Arita (winter scene)

Collection of the National Palace Museum

Kao K’o-kung (Yuan Dynasty) “Misty Rain Over Forests and Peaks”

Li Shih-ta (Ming Dynasty) “Lotus”

Ts’ui Tzu-chung (Ming Dynasty) “Washing the Wu-T’ung Tree”

(Plus a 4th with no titles listed “Duck on a Flowering Branch”)

Nikolo Balkanski  52/950 “The Letter” (girl black and white)

G Molesca (dark city street)

Hans Georg Ruach Internation Art Exposition New York Coliseum March 8-12,

1979 HVK Fine Arts New York Editions La Humere Paris (framed poster)

Bells (In Original Boxes and With COA’s)

Viletta Norman Rockwell School Days Bell Collection:

Off To School 1108A, The Reading Hour 283A, The Art Lesson 2919A, Vacation’s Over 1246A, Back To School 1432A, Playing Hooky 788A



101 Photographs That Changed the World – Time Life Books

The Art of Bev Doolittle text & poems by Elise MacLay, edited by Betty Ballantine

The Atrocity Exhibition by  J.G. Ballard

Cyberpunk Version2.0.2.0 The Second Edition The Role Playing Game of the

Dark Future CP 3002

A Cyber Source Magazine Solo of Fortune

A Dame To Kill For A Tale From Sin City by Frank Miller

Black Stallion Series by Walter Farley: The Island Stallion Races, The Black

Stallion’s Filly, Son of the Black Stallion, The Black Stallion and Satan,

The Black Stallion’s Sulky Coat, The Black Stallion and the Girl, The Island

Stallion’s Fur, The Island Stallion, The Black Stallion Revolts, The Blood Bay Colt

Dark Shadows Resurrected by Jim Pierson

Classics To Grow On:  A Tale of Two Cities, King Arthur & His Knights, Short Stories of O. Henry, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Marvelous Land of Oz, Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen, Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, The Peterkin Papers, A Child’s Garden of Verses & Other Poems, The Last of the Mohicans, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Pinoccio. Tales From Shakespear, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Thruough the Looking Glass, Robinson Cruseau, The Select Works of Jack London, Aesop’s Fables

The Disney Villain by Ollie Johnston & Frank Thomas (sealed  in original packaging)

Events That Shaped the Century – Time Life Books

Gnomes text by Rien Poortvliet artwork by Wil Huygen 1976

Good Faeries by Brian Froud 1998

The Illustrated Treasury of Children’s Literature edited By Margaret Martignon

Ladies & Legend by Stephen E. Fabian

Lady Death “ The Reckoning” by Brian Pulido & Artwork by Steven Hughes

Medieval Warfare by H W Koch Crescent Books 1978

On Assignment USA – National Geographic by Priit Vesilind

R. Waldo Emerson Essays First & Second Series with Wood-Engravings by Hans

Alexander Mueller – The Peter Pauper Press

Star Wars the Essential Chronology by Kevin J Anderson and Daniel Wallace

Susan Seddon Boulet The Goddess Painting text by Michael Babcock 1994

Warner Brothers Animation Art The Characters, The Creators, The Limited

Editions – Beaux Arts Editions by Jerry Beck & Will Friedwald

Planet Earth Series – Earthquake, Gemstones, Grasslands – Time Life Books

Singer Sewing Reference Library – Clothing Care & Repair, Sewing Activewear,

Sewing Essentials, Sewing For Style, Sewing For the Home, Sewing Specialty


Stitch By Stitch A Home Library of Sewing, Knitting, Crochet & Needlecraft

20 Volume Set With 5 Stitch By Stitch Patterns (ours is missing 1 volume)

The Civil War Series – Time Life Books: Brother Against Brother the War Begins,

Gettysburg The Confederate High Tide, Lee Takes Command From Seven

Days to Second Bull Run, Spies Scouts & Raiders Irregular Operations,

Tenting Tonight The Soldier’s Life, The Bloodiest Day The Battle of Antietam

Young Students’ Encyclopedia Events of 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978

Young Students’ Encyclopedia Volumes 1-15 (complete)

Young Students’ Encyclopedia – Dictionary A-I, J-Z

An Abrams Art Book – 16 full Color Prints:  Bosch, Bruegel, Cezanne, Degas,

El Greco, Goya, Great Masterpieces, Great Paintings of Children,

Great Paintings of The Nude, Manet, Rembrandt, Rembrandt Bible Paintings, Renoir, Rubens, Titian, Utrillo, Van Gogh

Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction 1917 (Front page signed buy owner in each book)

Henry Fielding #1 & #2, Laurence Sterne, Jane Austen, Sir Walter Scott, William Makepeace Thackery #1 & #2, Charles Dickens #1 & #2, George Elliot, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Washington Irving, Edgar Allan Poe, Francis Barte Harte, Mark Twain, Edward Everett Hale, Henry James Jr., Victor Hugo, Honore de Balzac, George Sand, Alfred de Musset, Guy de Maupassant, Alphonse Daudet, Johann Wolfgang, Von Goethe, J.W. Von Goethe, Gottfried Keller, Theodor Storm, Theodore Fontane, Leo Nikolaevitch Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Ivan Turgenev, Juan Valera, Bjornstejerne Bjornson, Alexander L. Kielland, (#17 is unknown) 


Grolier Disney Ornaments DCO Christmas (with original box)

Bambi (#26231-120)

Beast (#26231-125)

Beauty (#26231-124)

Dumbo (#013900)

Little Mermaid (#016903)

101 Dalmatians (#017901)

Grolier Disney Ornaments DCO Christmas (with no box)



The Disney Channel 100th Anniversary 10 Pin Collection (in original box)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Exclusive Disney Lithograph Portfolio 2001

(4 Lithographs and Cover Art)


The American Girls Collection (with original boxes and Mini Book)

Addy, Kirsten, Kit, Molly

Ginny Doll with 14 outifts (stockings and shoes included) & vanity set

1978 Vogue Dolls Inc Moonachie, NJ made in Hong Kong

Anne of Green Gable –Porcelian Doll–Heritage Edition (L3Y 8E1) with id “booklet”

2 Jester Dolls  (small russet colored one is by Geppeddo # B1091)

6 Miscellaneous Dolls

Avon – Childhood Dreams Porcelain Doll Collection

(in original boxes with id “booklet”)

Ballet Recital, Skating Party

(no box and has id “booklet”)

Favorite Doll, Kitty Love


Gund Gifts “A Gift From Heaven” (Mother & Child) – Porcelain Tealight Figurine

(in the original box)

Lefton Birthday Angels – 10 Months (No January or October) + Happy

Birthday Boy

Lenox Collections – The Lenox Ivory and Gold Animal Trio – Swan, Elepahnat and

dolphin (in original box with COA)

Llardro – “Snowy Haven” (Seal in Cave #8061) (with original box and COA)

Plates (in boxes with COA)

The Fantasy World of Alice in Wonderland – Limited Edition Six Plate Collection by

Lawrence Whittaker & Royal Cornwall (#3001)

“Alice & The White Rabbit”,“Advice From a Catepillar”, “The Cheshire Cat’s

Grin”,  “The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”, The Queen’s Croquet Match”, “Who

Stole the Tarts?”

Kittens World Limited Edition Six Plate Series by Drouguett & Royal Cornwall

(with original boxes and COA’s #21452/27,500)

“Just Curious”, “Are You a Flower”, “Purr-fect Pleasure”, My Favorite Toy”,

“Hello World”, “Talk To Me”

Star Trek “The Voyage of the Starship Enterprise (8 plate set) produced by

Hamilton Collectio and Ernst

Beam us Down Scotty (1064M), Captain Kirk (4943R) Chekov (4935M),

Dr. McCoy (2018M), Mr. Spock (4455M), Scotty (0260M),

Sulu (2074M), Uhura (3172M)

Tiffany & Company Wild Flowers by Johnson Brothers (in original blue box)

Buttercup (2), Wild Rose (2), Geranium (2), Dandelion (2)

Wedgewood Vickers “Be My Friend” Plate number one in the My Memories Series


Official 1980 Bethlehem Christmas Plate #4 “Great Joy” by David McCall Johnston


Calhoun’s Collectors Society by Dominic John Mingola

“The Balloon Man” (there are 2 of this same plate)

“Picking Flowers”

Konigszelt Bavaria by Von Charles Gehm

“Rapunzel” #a4049

“Rumpelstilzchen #L9309

Joseph C. Leyendecker Mother’s Day plate for 1978 “God Bless Mommy” #571

Norman Rockwell The Rockwell Heritage Collection by Knowles Fine China

Number 4 “The Ship Builder” #6796AD

Number 7 “The Painter” #8524AD

Norman Rockwell Rockwell’s Dediscovered  Women Collection by Knowles

Number 1 “Dreaming In The Attic” #1834AM

Number 2 “Waiting On The Shore” #6776Q

Number 3 “Pondering On The Porch” #8761U

Number 4 “Making Believe At The Mirror” #2231N

Number 5 “Waiting For The Dance” #U18627

Hamilton Collection The Magical World of Legends & Myths by Jack Shalatain “ A

Mother’s Love” #2454E (No COA)

Franklin Mint Royal Doulton ” by Sue Dawes

“Power Of The Unicorns #HA 6189 (No COA)

“Gathering of the Unicorns” (No COA)

Princeton Gallery Enchanted World of the Unicorn Collection by Ruth Sanderson

“The Rainbow Valley of the Unicorn” (No COA)

Plates (in round wood frames no boxes no COA)

Norman Rockwell by Gorham Fine China 1973 selection from the Four Seasons Series for 1955

“Spring – Sweet Song So Young”

“Summer – Flowers in Tender Bloom”

“Fall – Fondly Do We Remember”

“Winter – Gaily Sharing Vintage Times”


Plates (loose – no boxes or COA)

Avon Mother’s Day Plates

1981 “Cherished Moments”

1982 “Little Things”

1983 “Love is a Song”

1984 “Love Comes in All Sizes”

1985 “Creation of Love” Special Memories by Tom Newsom

1986 “ New Tooth” Special Memories by Tom Newsom

1987 “A Mother Is Love”

1990 “A Message From The Heart”

1992 “How Do You Wrap Love”

1993 “Recipe For Love”

1994 “Love On Parade”

1996 “Love…Is a Gift!”

1997 “Love Makes All Things Grow”

Precious Moments by Enesco

1991 “Heaven Bless You” by Samuel J. Butcher

Precious Moments

Lighted Christmas Cottages – Library, Movie Theater, Toy Shop, Train Station

“Lord, Keep My Life In Tune”  Porcelain Musical (girl at piano) – plays “I’d Like To

Teach The World To Sing”  – by Enesco (#12580) in the original box

Wedding Set – Bride, Groom, Maid of Honor, Best Man, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer

(all in their original boxes)


Princess House

Bud Vase

Spice Jar (no stopper)

Thomas Kincade

Old World Santas (in original boxes, in sets of 3 and with COA)

Christmas Night Visit, Bringing Home the Tree, Winter Path of Welcome

Season Glowing Bright, Warm Holiday Cheer, Jingling Sleighbells

Christmas Snowfall, Woodland Christmas, Family Holiday Gathering

Frosty Christmas Eve, Dawn of Christmas Day, Christmas Journey’s End

(2 missing not sure which 2)


Star Wars Hotwheels Stormtooper (2), Kylo Ren, Rey

Winnie the Pooh “Tigger” Christmas Ornament

World of Warcraft Monopoly Collector’s Edition

Vintage Monopoly Game


TY Beanies Babies

Chinese Zodiac (All 12 animals, only Dragon and Rat have the original ear tags)


TY Teeny Beanies (McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys in their packaging)

Dinosaur Trio

Bronty, Rex, Steg

International Bears II Trio

Germania, Osito, Spangle

Legends Trio

Chilly, Humphrey, Peanut


The End

Adeline Taft art Most are Signed

Adelaide Perry-McDermott art, Most Are Signed

Fold over Vintage Table


3 Drawer Stand

Fish tanks all sizes

Ironing Board

Storage Containers



Clothes Rack


Bar Stool






Art from varies Artist

Pool Table and Supplies


Secretary Desk


Wood Tables

Wood Cabinet

Wall Art

Art Supplies Acrylic Paints and More

Storage Cabinet


Paint Brushes



Art Carrying Cases


Holiday Décor


Men’s Clothing

Women’s Clothing

Men’s Hats


London Fog Coat

Leather Jacket

Women’s Coats

Brother Sewing Machine and Supplies

Blank Canvas and  Build your own Frames

Round Table and 4 Chairs

6 foot table

Vintage Video Camera  and Vintage camera’s and Supplies



Green Cloth Chair and Ottoman


Small Shelf




Candle holders


Jewelry Cabinet

Yard Art

Pet Steps


Cook Books

Decorative Pillows


Stuffed Animals

Train set


Cloth Sofa  and Cloth Recliner

Floor Lamp


Norman Rockwell  Bells

Kittens World Collectibles

Wild Rose Plates Tiffany & Company

Star Trek Plates

Star Wars items


Lefton Month collection missing one month



Copper items

Fondue Copper

Copper Pots


Coffee Pot

Cut glass items


Disney Collectors pens

Pyrex Dishes

Precious Moments

Silver plated serving items

Bennie Baby’s

Llardo Collectible

Cutco Knifes


Gund Angles

Entertainment Center

Outdoor glider

Metal Rack

Patio chairs


Hardy Boys books


Avon Dolls

Garage Items nuts , bolts and More

Tool Boxes

Records 33’s and 45’s

Electric Garage Tools Saw, Sander, Drill and More

Lawn Mower

Medical Accessories supplies

Small Rubbermaid Shed






















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