Where Do I Start?

“Where do I start?” We often get this question when our clients are starting some kind of process whether it be moving, downsizing or any other reason. These next few questions will point you in the right direction.

1. If you have an entire house full of collectables, furniture, decor, vehicles, jewelry and everyday items and need everything to be sold visit our page estate sales Denver.

2. If you have a home with some, but not all items for sale and some stuff you will be keeping please visit our Denver estate sales page.

3. If you have an item, or items that you are not sure are of value and want to known what they are worth, or what they are. Or, maybe you know they are worth a lot and you need to know how much so you can sell them for.  Maybe you have an item that is highly valuable and need a report for insurance purposes? If any of these fit your situation then read more about our appraisals services

4. If you have a handful of items that are nice and you need to sell them but you don’t have a full house then visit our consignment information page.

5. If you need to know, what is in an estate and what the values are, of all of the items or possibly the estate is currently in probate, or maybe you need to divide assets equally amongst family but are unsure of values of items and how to proceed fairly.  Then read more about our estate inventory and valuation services

6. If you have a storage unit or a home that just needs to be cleared out but want to be sure if there is anything of value we find it and sell it for you and then clean out the home then visit our page about junk removal or buyout services

If you have another unique situation that isn’t described above, contact us to discuss your situation or project. One of our friendly staff will be glad to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

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