Junk Removal

Whether we just finished an estate sale for you and you need a few miscellaneous items to be donated or hauled away, we can help. We have helped with hoarder situations down to cleaning out the junk from the back shed to make room for the new riding lawn mower. We often help clients and realtors to get the home “realtor ready” for sale.

We donate as much as we possibly can and provide you with the tax deductible receipts that you can later use for those valuable write-offs to ward off old Uncle Sam from taking too much! What isn’t accepted at donation, then is disposed of.

So, if you have a project of any size for any reason and you need junk removal, call us. Our rates are approximately half of what those expensive 1-800 junk guys or junk hunk companies cost. We offer these services to our estate sale¬†clients and we do not have to spend expensive advertising on these services and this is why our rates are much less expensive. It’s a bit of a hidden gem most people don’t know about but once they do, we often get repeat customers for life! Welcome to saving a little for yourself!

If you are in need of our haul away services contact us today!