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The best estate sales Denver has to offer and all the information you may want to know about them, can be found below.  There are 5 pages that will go over every aspect of the process.  Take the time to visit all 5 pages and get all your questions answered.  There are many estate sale companies out there see why we are the best.  You can also hear a real phone call below and find out why we provide the best estate sales Denver has to offer, by listening to a real live phone call with an estate sale expert you will most likely have most if not all of your questions answered.  Listen to this call in the car on the way home, or from your computer or tablet.

Remember, you can always call us it will take about 10 minutes to discuss the project and set up your estate sale. You can get more information about the best estate sales Denver has to offer by listening to a real live phone call that will walk you through 98% of all the questions most people have about hiring estate sale companies such as, timeline, fees, services, how we price, appraisals and more. Listen to one of our Denver estate sale experts walk you through all of the most common questions.


This page is designed for those of you who like to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible and be the most educated on the estate sale process, prior to hiring any  Denver estate liquidators.   So, we have created this page to really educate you, into how it all works!The Best Estate Sales Denver Has To Offer

If you are not clear on what type of Denver estate sale service you may need, we suggest you visit our “Where Do I Start” page under our services menu.  If it’s a Denver estate sale you need, then you have found the correct page.

This page is intended for those of you who like to do your research and we encourage people to do their homework.  There are too many shady, small, part time Denver estate liquidators, who come and go every six months in this industry.  Please, don’t trust your estate to some company with little experience claiming you will make more money than you can stand.  That’s an old cheap sales tactic and is commonly found in many industries.  This page is here to help answer 99% of all the questions you may have about and on-site Denver estate sale in great detail, in 100% honesty, which covers many aspects about the process for your next Denver estate sale and how you can set yourself up to have the best estate sales Denver has to offer.  There is plenty of information about having an estate sale on this page but if you prefer to not read everything, then just pick up the phone and call us today 303-479-4970 and in 10 minutes, you can be all set and all ready to go!

Call Us Today To Schedule Your Free WalkthroughEstate Sales Denver Phone Call Photo 

By calling us today, you will already be on the path to success to having another one of the best estate sales Denver has to offer. One of our friendly and knowledgeable, Denver estate sales specialists, will speak with  you about the estate sale process that Prestige Estate Services will provide.

This initial phone call will help both you and us, to determine the estate sale project scope, what type of estate sale service you need, the estate sale timeline for the process and discuss all of the options such as an on-site estate sale, off-site Denver estate sale, auction, online, consignment or buyouts on estates that lack enough value or content, to have an estate sale. We have a solution for every situation. We will discuss how the process works, what types of estate sale services will be performed, such as valuations and appraisals, advertising, security and post estate sale services such as haul-away and donation down to the sale accounting summary and proceeds check.

After this short phone call, you will have ALL of your questions answered. We take the necessary time to go over all aspects of your situation and how we can make your estate sale the best estate sales Denver has to offer that weekend. When the call is finished, you are all set and we will begin the process of relieving you from the stress, of what can be a monumental task for some. Let’s face it, we all have things to do and the process, time and necessary knowledge and skill set required to host another one of our best estate sales Denver has to offer is no small feat. From A to Z we have you covered and we have no upfront or out of pocket costs. So make the quick call today to 303-479-4970 and let us help make your Denver estate sale a success!

Have you seen some of our recent, sale day crowd pictures?

Contact Us at Prestige Estate Services by clicking here to discuss your Denver estate sale.   Is your estate sale not in Denver?  No problem!  Call us to set up your free walkthrough.

What Denver Estate Sale Service Do You Need?Estate Sales Denver

From small or partial estates, to our specialty of high end estates we offer references you can call from multi-million dollar home owners we have helped, to the average home. We provide a full line of estate sale services that can help with your Denver estate sale project. We even offer off-site estate sales. If you live in a gated community or can’t have a sale due to HOA restrictions we can help!

When it’s possible to have an Denver estate sale done on-site, we always recommend this option, over any other. On-site Denver estate sales are by far the most profitable option for our clients, because we don’t have the expense of having to move the content and moving isn’t cheap! If you are debating between and estate auction and an estate sale we recommend you read our article estate sales vs. estate auctions that discusses these two options and the differences.

Denver Off-Site Estate Sale 

If an on-site Denver estate sale is not an option we do offer off-site Denver estate sales. The main differences between these are of course one is done on-site in the home and the off-site the items are removed from the home and taken “off-site”. The costs associated with moving the product off-site can significantly reduce profitability. Off-site estate sales are also limited to what can be sold or moved off-site. Typically it’s not worth the time to pack up all the smaller items such as kitchen supplies office supplies etc. and the cost associated with moving many of the smaller valued items, is higher and typically not worth it. These types of items are product that would do well in an on-site estate sale.

So, with an off-site estate sale you don’t obtain the value for many of the smaller valued items. While these items may have smaller dollar amounts, or values associated with them, when you drive the traffic we do, to an on-site estate sale, most of these items sell and it can add thousands of dollars to your estate sale. In an off-site Denver estate sale, these items will not be included and the value will be lost. We also offer other services such as buyouts and consignment which may be worth exploring. So whether it be a on-site or off-site estate sale we can make sure you get the best estate sales Denver has to offer by allowing Prestige Estate Services, to process this important estate sale event.

With an off-site estate sale the items are sold over several weekends, instead of just one weekend and the prices are reduced each weekend, much like an on-site estate sale does over a three day period.

Online auctions and on-site auctions, can be something we do in conjunction with your Denver estate sale or can be done on their own. Auctions can be a good option but the setting has to be right.  Please read our article about estate sales vs. estate auctions by clicking here for more information on which is better, a Denver estate sale or a Denver auction.

In most cases a Denver estate sale is the best way to go but sometimes we may have a few items in an estate that warrant the item to be presented on a national level or presented live at auction which doesn’t require any additional charge. We will still include the item in the estate sale to help draw people in but the item may be listed nationally through our site and other various locations through the duration of the sale.

These situations are determined on a case by case basis. On-site live auctions are typically best when there are very high valued, exceptional quality, rare niche items that have the “wow” factor that can bring in the right, and qualified buyers to compete for the item by bidding it up. Without the right people in the audience, an auction can quickly turn out to be a horrible fire sale situation.  Estate sales control pricing through the use of all variables taken into consideration when pricing an item.  Auctions can be a great solution, they just have to be done properly and with the right item and the proper knowledge of how to present, handle, market and promote the sale of the item through a live on-site auction.


Denver Estate Sale Service AreasDenver Estate Sale Service Area Map

Prestige Estate Services offers our Denver estate sale services to Denver and surrounding areas. We even service the high country such as Aspen, Breckenridge, Silverthorne, Dillon, Keystone, Vail and Beaver Creek. We travel north to Ft. Collins and the southern portion of our territory to Colorado Springs for estate sales, appraisals services.

Projects that are outside of our green target zone (See Map) could have a trip fee. Each case is determined by an onsite walkthrough visit by our Branch Manager. Often times this fee is to cover the extra expense in gas and labor costs to get our team to the project. This fee can be waived if the project presents enough value. If you are not sure, call us today!

Denver Estate Sale Videos and Opening MinutesDenver Estate Sale Videos

Denver estate sales can be exciting to host, visit and shop!

Here you will find a few videos of the beginning minutes of a few sales as well as some examples of marketing items with video so shoppers and really understand what an item is all about.

We recently sold an entire home theater with stadium seating with state of the art equipment this was a $35,000.00 system that would blow you out of the theater turned up!  This and more, in some of our recent and best estate sales Denver has ever seen.  See some estate sale videos here. Check out the excited crowds to get inside some of our past Denver estate liquidations!  This is just another way we promote our Denver estate sales.  Remember, do your homework when vetting Denver estate sale companies, you only get one shot at your sale.



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