Estate Consignment & Off-Site Estate Sales

DenverĀ Estate sales are a great way to sell just about anything from the car in the driveway to the antique secretary desk down to the kitchen cleaning supplies and everything in between. Often times individuals can not or do not, want an estate sale done at the home. We always encourage an on site estate sale but when the circumstances don’t allow for a on-site estate sale due to home owners associations, timelines, gated communities etc. we can still help.

We offer thousands of square feet of space where your items will not just get one weekend of selling like an on-site estate sale does but multiple weekends so your items have a longer period of time to sell. In these instances we do not accept everything in the estate as it’s not worth boxing up the kitchen cleaning supplies and trying to sell them but we do take most items in excellent condition and can sell them for weeks on end instead of just one weekend.

Space is limited and there can be a waiting list but we move through our product pretty quickly. Call today to discuss your situation today