Collecting Rare Records at Estate Sales

Collecting-Rare-Records-at-Estate-Sales2Often people wish they could hear songs that were popular when they were children. Elvis and The Beatles are among the artists whose music brings back fond memories. Some of the records produced in bygone years are worth thousands of dollars. Some are worth more than that. A local estate sale may be a very good source to find a bargain.

Here is a list of five all-time favorites that are quite valuable.

“Do I Love You?” by Frank Wilson- Even if a collector is not familiar with Frank Wilson, the history behind the record is worth knowing. A seven inch single was not publicly released. One of the copies sold for nearly $30,000 in 1999.

Collecting-Rare-Records-at-Estate-Sales3“The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” album by Dylan-He was a top musician in his era. This album brought a price of $35,000. Dylan asked to have four songs from the album be removed. Those collectors that have a copy of the original release have a valuable piece of merchandise.

A 1958 acetate disc put out by the Quarrymen has “In Spite of All the Danger” on one side of the album and “That’ll Be the Day” on the other. The estimated value is $200,000. That is about the maximum value of collectible records. There is a slim chance of it appearing on the market in the near future. Paul McCartney owns it.

“Double Fantasy” by Yoko Ono and John Lennon does top the estimated value of the previously mentioned record. The album sold for approximately $400,000 in 1999. It is the copy Lennon had signed for Mark David Chapman shortly before Chapman killed Lennon.

These five records show how valuable they can be. If someone is in possession of old records, a close look at them may be worthwhile. Searching estate sales can put a collector in position to locate records. A dollar is the usual estate sale price of a record. Records like those put out by the Beatles may sell for $25. That is still a bargain.

Collecting-Rare-Records-at-Estate-Sales4It seems impossible that an entire generation may not have seen a record album. There are three vinyl record types. They are classified by the RPM. Those initials stand for Rotations Per Minute. The three types are 78’s, 33’s, and 45’s. Thirty-threes are often called LP’s and 45’s are referred to as singles. The 78’s and 33’s are typically 10 to 12 inches in diameter. The 45’s have a diameter of 5 inches. Thirty-threes were popular in the US and produced by many regional companies. Forty-fives were popular in the 60’s through the 80’s.

Popular music styles include popular vocal music, Dixieland, Jazz “Race Records”, early Rock and Roll, and Bluegrass. When searching for collectibles, look for records in good condition. They should be playable and in the original sleeve that is in good shape. Obscurities bring the highest market value. Popular records by popular artists are common. The do not bring a big price. Focus should be placed on remixes, singles, and foreign pressings.

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