Antique Appraisals


Antique Appraisals and many other types of appraisal services are offered at Prestige Estate Services.  We go to great lengths to ensure that our customers have a superior, professional and personalized experience while having their antique appraisals performed. We understand that antique appraisals are sometimes needed during highly stressful and emotional times. We will make the process easier and make privacy and speed of our services, the critical priority for our team.

Prestige Estate Services provides all clients with accurate and detailed appraisals for personal property assets. All appraisal reports include full descriptions, current market, comparable items, and photographs. Each report is printed and bound and can be distributed as needed to attorneys, insurance providers, or used in probate and court proceedings.

Formal Written Appraisals

An introductory phone conference will be conducted to determine the initial scope and needs of the clients. The appraisal process begins with inspection of the personal property selected for appraisal at the estate or residence. At this time, items are photographed, measured, and detailed notes are made about each item. This information is then used to compile a appraisal summary report and used to determine fair market, replacement, or liquidation value of the item.

Upon completion of research, the formal appraisal document is prepared, including photographs, as well as detailed narrative, history and descriptions. The final documentation is presented and walked through with the client. As requested by the client, a duplicate copy can be provided for an additional $15.00 per copy fee for attorneys, insurance providers, etc.

Prestige Estate Services fees are very competitive within the industry and are based on an hourly rate.

Online Appraisals-Photograph Appraisals

For the individual who does not require a written appraisal but still wants a general sense of what their item/s are worth, Prestige Estate Services offers an, email valuation option. This is much cheaper and can still be very informative.  Each item is reviewed by photographs that you email to [email protected]

For a fee, a client can submit photographs of their items for an email appraisal. Detailed information such as size, markings, family history, etc. must be provided for each object. The client also must provide a full name, mailing address, and telephone number(s) at which he or she can be reached. Photographs and information can be submitted via e-mail to [email protected].

Upon receipt of online payment, an appraiser will review the photographs and information and then provide a brief write up including a suggested fair market value price.