Soda Served Old at an Estate Sale This Summer

As the temperatures begin to warm up, many people will turn to a cold soda to help them cool down. People have enjoyed this drink ever since Joseph Priestley discovered a method of infusing carbon dioxide into water in 1767. Various manufacturers have...
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Looking For Board Games at Estate Sales

There are numerous collectibles available at an estate sale when a homeowner is getting rid of their possessions. Most families have old board games stored in their closets or basements, and it is important for an estate sale manager to inspect and price...
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The Benefits of Buying At Estate Sales for Business Owners

As a business owner of a small business, there may not be a lot of money in your office furniture budget. However, you may be able to furnish your home office or any other work area with items that you find at an estate sale. Let’s take a look at...
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Collecting Vintage Gardening Items

While the ground may still be too cold to start planting, it is never the wrong season to go to an estate sale in search of vintage gardening and farm collectibles. Before you do, however, keep the following tips in mind. Antique and Vintage Seed Catalogs...
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Watch for Metal Lunch Boxes at Estate Sales

Many Americans have fond memories of sitting at a wooden desk trying to focus when all they could think about was what their mother had put in their lunch box. Others have memories of watching their parent’s head off to work with a metal lunch box in...
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Buying Estate Fostoria Glass Collectibles

When you’re shopping for Fostoria Glass Collectibles for yourself or giving as a gift, one of the best places to search for such treasures is a store that sells estate items. Going to estate sales is another way to find unusual and potentially rare...
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Collecting Native American Baskets

Native Americans for generations made baskets as essential tools for their work. Almost every tribe had their own basket-making traditions. Many of these baskets are highly collectible for their beautiful workmanship and their ties to American history....
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Forget About Facebook! Revisit The Age Of Postcard Memories At Estate Sales

In the age of instantly sharing moments and memories through platforms such Instagram and Facebook, revisiting an era when the only photographic or illustrated memoir of a place usually meant a postcard, can be a lot of fun.  If you are looking for...
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Five Rules to Follow When Shopping for Antique Jewelry at an Estate Sale

Since inheriting your grandmother’s pearl necklace a few months ago, you’ve become fascinated with antique jewelry. You absolutely can’t wait to add more pieces to your tiny collection. If you can relate to this scenario, shopping for antique jewelry...
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Each Piece of Pottery at an Estate Sale is Unique

Collecting Pottery at an estate sale is popular because there are numerous styles to choose from. You might want to collect small pieces of pottery to place on a narrow bookcase in your bedroom or larger pieces of pottery to display on a fireplace mantel....
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