How to Spot Quality Antique Hardware at Estate Sales

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But with estate sales, the things we would throw away become a treasure for everybody. For some people, their old item is just a keepsake. But for others, it can be a lovely antique…...
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Unique Ideas for Re-purposing Antique Vanities

There are some items from the past that are meant to stay there (orange shag carpet, anyone?), but some antiques are maintaining their relevancy. Collectors and home decorators have fallen in love with antique vanities of late, sparking a new trend...
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How to Restore Antique Mirrors to Their Former Glory

If you’re a fan of decorating your home in vintage styles, you likely have at least one antique mirror. There’s something about the rustic charm that adds so much to the look of a home. But sometimes antiques need a bit of love to look their...
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5 Tips for Shopping Denver Estate Sales

Denver Estate sales are an amazing way to find rare and one-of-a-kind items, antiques, home decor and furniture at great prices. Estate sales occur when a family wants to sell every item in an entire home. They are the perfect opportunity to find those...
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5 Types of Antique Lamps That Add Style to Any Room

Lighting is everything. Whether you’re trying to set the mood for a dinner party or for your nighttime reading hour, lighting can be your biggest aid. What’s even better than mood lighting? Lighting with a backstory.  Antique lamps...
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The 5 Most Beautiful Styles of Antique Engagement Rings

Estate sales are carried out by many different types of households, and you never know what you might find on offer. We’ve seen collections of arrowheads, rare cars and vintage collectibles up for grabs in our estate sales, among many other treasures....
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Soda Served Old at an Estate Sale This Summer

As the temperatures begin to warm up, many people will turn to a cold soda to help them cool down. People have enjoyed this drink ever since Joseph Priestley discovered a method of infusing carbon dioxide into water in 1767. Various manufacturers have...
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Looking For Board Games at Estate Sales

There are numerous collectibles available at an estate sale when a homeowner is getting rid of their possessions. Most families have old board games stored in their closets or basements, and it is important for an estate sale manager to inspect and price...
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The Benefits of Buying At Estate Sales for Business Owners

As a business owner of a small business, there may not be a lot of money in your office furniture budget. However, you may be able to furnish your home office or any other work area with items that you find at an estate sale. Let’s take a look at...
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Collecting Vintage Gardening Items

While the ground may still be too cold to start planting, it is never the wrong season to go to an estate sale in search of vintage gardening and farm collectibles. Before you do, however, keep the following tips in mind. Antique and Vintage Seed Catalogs...
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