Hire a Knowledgeable Estate Sale Company to Make the Most Profit with the Least Amount of Stress

Hire a Knowledgeable Estate Sale Company to Make the Most Profit with the Least Amount of Stress

Hire a Knowledgeable Estate Sale Company to Make the Most Profit with the Least Amount of StressHelp During a Stressful Time

Chances are you have never had to arrange an estate sale while downsizing to a smaller home, coping with a divorce or getting rid of the possessions of a loved one. This is why hiring a knowledgeable team from Prestige Estate Services can make a big difference. No matter whether you need us to sort, appraise and tag thousands of items in a large home, or only require a partial home content’s sale, we provide personalized service. In many cases, the customers that contact an estate sale organizer have no idea concerning the value of items in a home. This is especially true when someone is responsible for clearing out a home’s contents that includes many older, potentially antique items.

Knowledgeable Estate Sale Appraisers

Depending on your personal circumstances, it is possible that an estate sale needs to take place within a week or several months. Prestige Estate Services is one of the most well-known companies of its kind in the area with numerous employees ready to offer assistance. In addition to basic household goods such as furniture, appliances and dishware that are sold at basic everyday prices similar to a rummage sale, a home can have silver, pottery and artwork that potential buyers want to add to their collection. Fortunately, we have appraisers with specialized knowledge of certain types of items that can put a fair price on these goods and bring in a lot of extra money at an estate sale.

Organizing Items for Sale

After appraisers determine that there are valuables in a home that require careful attention, it is time to get other things organized throughout the home for an on-site sale or packed and transported for an off-site sale. If there is adequate space inside a home, then an on-site sale is preferable, especially if there are enough parking spaces available for shopper’s vehicles. Our organizers will determine how customers can move heavy furniture and appliances from a home to load items onto trucks. When there are too few items or there is not enough vehicle access, then moving items to a warehouse for the estate sale might be a better option. If you are unsure which is the best fit for you, read more here or contact us.

Planners Maintain Required Paperwork

Throughout the preparations for an estate sale, our team catalogs merchandise and keep track of prices and other information necessary to make the process smoother. While most shoppers at an estate sale are planning to buy a household items to use in their own home, there are always some that are purchasing items for resale at a profit at a brick-and-mortar or online store. This means that these shoppers expect to get items at less than the current value instead of paying full price. As estate sale planners, we know how to negotiate prices with shoppers in order to ensure our clients make money but still sell as much as possible.

Hiring Prestige Estate Services helps to reduce the stresses of selling personal possessions as quickly as possible while maintaining paperwork to pay taxes at the end of the year.

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