Estate Auctions in Colorado May Be Perfect Venues for Movie Merchandise

Estate Auctions in Colorado May Be Perfect Venues for Movie Merchandise

Movie Memorabilia postersAre you a Colorado resident who loves the movies so much that you just have to own rare movie posters, lobby cards, and other items? Here is some good news: you might not have to scour the internet anymore. Colorado estate sales just might be perfect for finding some real treasures.

Quite a lot of people who work in the movie business make Colorado a second home. Boulder is known for its large population of movie stars and entertainment professionals who love to enjoy the snowy winters of the state.

And now, there are scores of people who are making Colorado their primary home. These transplants from Los Angeles and the Hollywood area have made a nice transition. Many of them brought a lot of their movie memorabilia with them. If you are someone who loves to collect all things Hollywood, an estate sale in Colorado just might be the perfect venue.

Very rare and classic movie posters have sold for stunningly high dollar figures. The poster for the original FRANKENSTEIN (1932) sold for nearly $263,000. The silent science-fiction classic METROPOLIS saw a poster sold for $650,000. (There are only four remaining METROPOLIS posters known to exist) You might not find posters this rare at an estate auction, but you never really know what you’ll find in the belongings of a true cinema collector and lover.

Motion Picture Memorabilia lobby cardThe motion picture promotional world has changed a great deal. Lobby cards and still images that once adorned movie theaters are really no more. Posters remains, but many of the other materials used to herald the arrival of a new film are gone. The old promotional items from yesteryear do garner a nice price. Even if the material is not worth a lot of money, items from your favorite film may very well have tremendous sentimental value.

An estate sale could open doors to find some truly stunning and sought after movie items. Why not check one out if you read about it in the trades?

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