Top 5 Ways To Have A Great Estate Sale Experience

Top 5 Ways To Have A Great Estate Sale Experience

Shopping An Estate SaleTips For a Great Estate Sale Shopping Experience by Prestige Estate Services

 Some of you veteran estate salers out there may already know some of these tips, but they are nice to hear anyway.   Follow these tips and I guarantee you a better estate sale experience in Denver.

1:  Show up early!  I can’t stress this enough.  If you are there when the doors open you are way more likely to get the cream of the crop.  In Denver there are always a line of veterans at the door when we open. Don’t be intimidated by this, just embrace the excitement of the treasure hunt and rest assured that by being the first you will have a greater crop to pick from.

2:  Check out our website in the days prior to the estate sale.   The day before each sale we post pictures and lists of the items we have to offer.  While these lists are not always everything that will be at the sale, they are usually pretty comprehensive.  If you see something on the list that you just have to have, make sure you get that item first before browsing the rest of the sale.

3:  After you have swiped up the “must have” items that were on your list, take your time and browse our estate sale.  Some of the greatest treasures are buried at the bottom of bookshelves or boxes.  My favorite finds are the ones I didn’t expect.  The ones you didn’t necessarily come for can be the most fun to take home.

4:  If you don’t know ask.  If there is something that you are really needing or collecting and can’t find the item in the estate sale, just ask us.  We are here to help you in any way possible and are familiar with each estate sale and the content location.

5:  Bring your own moving help as most companies do not move items.  While at Prestige Estate Services we offer movers at all of our estate sales for an additional cost but most other do not.  So bring some muscle.

These are just a few of the tips for you to enhance your shopping experience at any of our estate sales in Denver.  Check back in for more tips to come and remember at all of our Prestige Estate Services sales we guarantee fun!

Estate Sales and a Holy Bible!

Estate Sales and a Holy Bible!

Holy Bible!

I mentioned a few days ago that we often run across gorgeous antiques and amazing treasures in our estate sales.  Well, let me show you one of our latest treasures.

This is a Bible that has a copy right date of 1889!  The cover is stamped leather with a gold floral detail.  Not only does it have the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation but it also includes a biblical dictionary, pictures and history lessons.  It discusses currency, clothing, and city layouts.  This Bible is one of those finds that you could spend hours studying.  There was even a book mark in Exodus dating back to 1910. Oh, and did I mention its size?  It is 13 inches tall, 10 inches wide, and 5 inches deep.  That is one big Bible!

This is the type of antique that makes you wonder who the original owner was and where in the world it has traveled.  If you are anything like me, seeing the hand written names of past owners sparks a bit of curiosity.   Whether you are a religious scholar, historian, antique collector, or just curious in general this find is one that is hard to resist.  It will make you want to pull up a chair, get comfy, and start reading!

Look for great items like these at estate sales.  They may have a small price tag on them or a big one but the amount of time one could spend on finds like these, even if you are an atheist is substantial!

What will your next estate sale find be?  Shop with us online or at an estate sale with Prestige Estate Services we can always point you to some amazing items at pretty much any day of any sale!

The Changing Face of Estate Sales

The Changing Face of Estate Sales

The Changing Face of Estate Sales by Prestige Estate Services

View this video to see what it’s like at the opening moments.  This video lasted about eight minutes and twenty seconds.  We will show you a small clip!  Prestige Estate Services – Denver Estate Sale, Opening minutes!.

The Estate Sale, it can be foreign, intimidating, confusing.  Going to an estate sale has in the past been a little scary.  It feels like a subculture of antique dealers and collectors, and a place the average Joe wouldn’t venture.  If you have watched the video above then you can see what the beginning minutes can be like.  Often, many times people feel like maybe they don’t belong.

I am here to assure you that this is not the case.  Let me address a few of the questions that most often come up:

Who is having the estate sale?

People have an estate sale for a number of reasons.  Most assume that there must have been a death.  While in some cases this is true, there are a number of other reasons to have an estate sale.  It may be a homeowner who is downsizing to a smaller home, or to pay off debt.  Retirement, divorce, and foreclosure are a few of the other common reasons one would have an estate sale.  In any of the above cases, the majority of the time having the sale is a blessing to the family.  Whether they are mourning a death, or celebrating a move, an estate sale provides a quick, efficient solution to their problem.

What can I expect to find at an estate sale?

This is the best part!  Each sale has different treasures and finds that range from high-end furnishings, jewelry, and silver all the way down to board games, books, and cleaning supplies.   You name it, and you can probably find it at an estate sale.  These sales provide great deals on both new and antique finds.  It is an extremely economical and green way to do your shopping.  What may have ended up needlessly in a landfill (like brand new light bulbs, barely used pots and pans, and gorgeous vintage clothing) will now be given a new life.  Bottom line, there are great deals to be found, and something for everyone at each sale.

Who is running the sale?

Most of the time the family is not on site running the sale.  They hire us, an unattached, third party to run the sale for them.  This saves them the work of organizing, cleaning and pricing.  It also allows them to remove their sentimental attachments from the products and allow us to price based on monetary value vs. sentimentality.  This also makes it more comfortable for you, the consumer, to browse at your leisure without feeling awkward or intrusive.  We are there on site during all sales to answer any questions you may have.

So there you have it, the truth about estate sales.    I encourage anyone and everyone to go and check it out for them selves.  It is a fun and interesting experience that will surely provide economical alternatives to your traditional shopping trip.